Rule of Life

  •   April 29, 2020

A Rule of Life frees us to walk with God in every area of life, including the unusual circumstances of the COVID-19 quarantine. Rather than limiting us, a Rule of Life liberates us by providing life-giving rhythms and structures to our day and week. We cannot control the larger events of the crisis. But we can make God the center of our life as we keep ourselves in a state of spiritual and physical health. 

A Rule of Life is not meant to be a legalism, but a way to enter into the grace of God. Don’t worry about making it perfect; it takes trial & error and adjustments along the way.

Rule of Life Tool

Download the Rule of Life tool and arrange your days to abide in Jesus.


Craft with a Group

Craft a Rule of Life with others. Join one of our online groups. 

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Wednesday, May 6, 8pm

Join Pastor Trevor for a group session on crafting a Rule of Life. Email to register. 

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More About a Rule of Life

"Please don’t be intimidated by the word rule. The word comes from the ancient Greek word for “trellis.” PP A trellis is a tool that enables a grapevine to get off the ground and grow upward, becoming more fruitful and productive. 

In the same way, a Rule of Life is a trellis that helps us abide in Christ and become more fruitful spiritually. It’s been said that a rule of life is “‘an exterior framework for an interior journey’: a kind of scaffolding to use to build the spiritual structure of our individual life with God.” It is an intentional, conscious plan to keep God at the center of everything we do.

It includes our unique combination of spiritual practices that provide
structure and direction for us to intentionally pay attention and remember God in everything we do. The goal - to be with God and to love him in everything we do." —Peter Scazzer

4 Ways to Flourish in the Midst of Chaos Podcast, Peter Scazzero, Emotionally Healthy Christianity (LISTEN HERE)