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  •   June 21, 2017
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The Spirit of God is at work in our neighborhoods, drawing all people to himself (John 6:44). He sends every disciple as a missionary into their neighborhood (Matthew 28:19). How can we join him in that mission of inviting people to come and see and come and follow (John 1:39; Matthew 4:19)?

Prayer walking is as simple as walking around your block and praying. It’s a great way to ask the Lord to give us his eyes and his heart for our neighbors and neighborhoods (Matthew 9:35). Prayer walking transforms neighborhoods into parishes and people into priests.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!  

Pray with a Friend

  • You can prayer walk alone, but praying with a friend, neighbor, or family member can be encouraging. Praying out loud helps some people think more clearly and pray together.

  • Try prayer walking the same areas near your work, school, or home in a regular way.

  • Start with a prayer like, “Come Holy Spirit, guide our prayers, lead our steps, and help us hear your voice.”

  • If someone is not familiar with the makeup of a neighborhood, talk for a minute about the makeup, needs, and areas of brokenness that need restoration. 

  • Stop at corners or other spiritually significant places in your neighborhood (schools, churches, playgrounds, etc.) to pray specifically for them. 

Listen to the Lord

  • Listen for the Lord during moments of silence. What do you hear him saying to you? What emotions do you feel? What images come to mind as you pray? If God brings a Scripture to mind before or during your prayer walk, let it guide you in prayer.

  • As you finish, talk about or journal the different prayers, people, places, Scriptures or images that the Lord gave you in prayer. That can help you discern what the Lord is doing and how you can join him.

  • As you see and meet people, follow the Lord into those conversations & connections. If someone asks you what you’re doing, you can say something like: “We’re asking God to bless our neighbors and neighborhood. Are there specific ways we can pray for you or others?”

Pray with Faith

  • God wants to bring his healing and redemption to all people, so pray with faith for the needs and people you see in your neighborhood. 

  • Pray in Jesus’ name for an end to violence and suffering and for those who don’t know the Lord to find a new day in him. 

  • Pray for specific houses, family, needs, people, etc. 

  • You can use prayers from the Book of Common Prayer or others to help you intercede for different needs in your community.

Upcoming Prayer Walks

Join others from City of Light for one of these upcoming Prayer Walks:

Hill Elementary: Saturday, July 1, 6pm at Hill Elementary on Pennsylvania Avenue. Email Grace (grace.a.kircher(at) with questions. 

West Aurora: Friday, July 7, 9am at the Redelman's home. Email Michelle ( for address or with questions. 

East Aurora: Sunday, July 16, Cookout at 12pm, Prayer Walk at 1pm at Cory Whitehead's home. Email Cory (corywhitehead(at) for address or to RSVP for cookout.  

Greenman Elementary: Saturday, July 22, 9am at Greenman Elementary door #4. Email Erika (esolgos(at) with questions. 

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