Communion During Quarantine

  •   May 16, 2020

Receiving Communion

After 7 weeks without taking Communion together as a church, we are excited to resume offering a drive-up Eucharist from 1-3pm beginning this Sunday 5/10. 

As the shelter-in-place order has continued and we have found ways to safely shop for groceries and order food from restaurants, we want to resume the essential practice of receiving communion and doing so in a safe way for our church family and our neighborhoods.   

 If you are physically vulnerable or cannot leave your home to receive Communion, please let us know. We love you and want to serve you during this time. Please reach out to We will continue to include the prayers for those unable to receive Communion during our Online Gathering knowing that there may be those in our church family who are unable to receive.  

 Here's the plan (check it out in an infographic form below): 

1. ONLINE GATHERING 10am Join us for our Online Gathering where I will consecrate the bread and wine during in the livestream service (I will not touch the pre-packaged communion bread that will be distributed later that day). Regular and gluten/dairy/nut free bread will be available. We ask that those who want to receive participate in the Online Gathering.  

2. DRIVE-UP COMMUNION 1-3pm  Come to 209 N. View St. Aurora between 1-3pm (Parish Council member Daniel Miller's home). Drive up in your vehicle and wait in your vehicle if someone else is receiving Communion. Deacon Eduardo will be serving Communion while I am quarantined in order to be able to be with Bonnie at the hospital during delivery. We will be receiving just the bread but the full Communion of Jesus.   

3. RECEIVING When it's your turn, there are a couple of options for receiving:

  • Your entire household can receive outside on the sidewalk at one time. If you have children, please have them stay 6 feet away from any other household, or if they're little, you can carry them!
  • You can have one person from your household receive the bread from Eduardo and bring it back to your car to serve the other household members.
  • You can receive bread then pick up more bread for your household if they cannot come and distribute it to your entire household altogether that afternoon. We do ask you to receive on Sunday so we all do it together on the Lord's Day!

Deacon Eduardo will help guide you in knowing where to go and what to do. He will wear a mask, sanitize his hands between each household, and drop the bread into your hand. If you have a mask, please wear it.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. And check out the infographic below! As we continue to long for communion altogether in the same room, and to grieve with those who still will not be able to receive, I am grateful for this food for our journey, manna in the wilderness, the body of Christ, the bread of heaven. 


Pastor Trevor