Holy Week | Semana Santa

Join us for Holy Week at City of Light!

During Holy Week we journey with Jesus through the final days of his life, his death on the cross, and his resurrection from the grave. Each service has incredible moments where we can participate in the story. All gatherings at 56 S. LaSalle Aurora, IL.

PALM SUNDAY (April 10, 10am)
Palm Sunday is the day we commemorate Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, when he was greeted by a crowd saying “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” and waving palm branches.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS (April 15, 12pm)
In this ancient devotional service, we walk with Christ through that last hours of his life, reflecting on his sufferings, death, and burial through reading the Bible, music, and prayer.

VIA CRUCIS (15 de abril, 2pm)

On Good Friday we tell the story of the Passion of Jesus as we remember the love of God that was demonstrated by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of sins

EASTER SUNDAY (April 17, 10am)
On Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death that has set us free and given us life!

¡Acompáñenos en City of Light durante esta Semana Santa!

Durante la Semana Santa recorremos con Jesús los últimos días de su vida, su muerte en la cruz y su resurrección de la tumba. Cada servicio tiene momentos increíbles donde podemos participar de la historia. 56 S. LaSalle Aurora, IL.

Domingo de Ramos (10 de abril, 10am)
El Domingo de Ramos es el día en que conmemoramos la entrada de Jesús a Jerusalén, siendo recibido por una multitud que decía: “¡Bendito el que viene en el nombre del Señor!”

VIA CRUCIS (15 de abril, 2pm)

Viernes Santo (15 de abril, 7pm)
El Viernes Santo narramos la historia de la Pasión de Jesús mientras hacemos memoria del amor de Dios, demostrado por medio del sacrificio de Jesús en la cruz para el perdón de pecados.

Domingo de Resurrección (17 de abril, 10am)
¡El Domingo de Resurrección continuamos la celebración! ¡La victoria de Jesús sobre la muerte nos ha libertado y nos ha dado vida!


We are meeting on the beautiful 3rd floor of Bureau Gravity (56 S Lasalle St. Aurora).

Estamos reuniéndonos en el tercer piso de Bureau Gravity (56 S Lasalle St. Aurora).

City of Light Church Aurora · Entering Into Holy Week with Pastor Trevor


Stations of the Cross Bulletin for personal use during a neighborhood prayer walk
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About the Art

City of Light's own Evelea Solgos created four modern adaptations of ancient icons for our Holy Week this year—one for each main service: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. Follow her below:

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Messages from Holy Week 2021

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Additional Holy Week Worship Opportunities

Join our cathedral, Church of the Resurrection, for these additional worship gatherings. More details coming soon on their webpage.

MAUNDY THURSDAY (April 1) On Maundy Thursday we remember the final night of Jesus’ life when he washed his disciples’ feet, instituted the Last Supper, and told them, “A new commandment I give to you that you love one another.”

EASTER VIGIL (April 17, 10am) The Easter Vigil is an ancient Christian tradition celebrated on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. The service begins in darkness and then includes the reading of Old Testament stories of God’s salvation.

Jueves Santo (1 de abril) El Jueves Santo recordamos la última noche de la vida de Jesus cuando le lavó los pies a sus discípulos, instituyó la Última Cena, y les dijo: “Un nuevo mandamiento les doy, que se amen los unos a los otros.”

Vigilia Pascual (16 de abril) La Vigilia Pascual es una tradición cristiana antigua que se celebra el Sábado antes del Domingo de Resurrección. El servicio inicia en la oscuridad y luego incluye la lectura de historias del Antiguo Testamento acerca de la salvación de Dios.