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  •  Wednesday March 18, 2020 - Sunday May 31, 2020

Online Groups

As we practice social distancing to love our neighbors and slow the spread COVID-19, we need one another more than ever. 

We may not be able to gather in person, but we can’t go this alone. 

In response, City of light is prioritizing gathering virtually in groups across our entire parish. We are committed to seeing every household in our church connected to a group where they can interact with brothers and sisters and pray for and support one another and our neighbors. 

We’re excited to be able to offer groups on every day of the week and for everyone— kids, youth, men, and women. Below you’ll find a schedule of each group. Sign up below a group leader will get you setup for the next online gathering. 

City of Light Online Group Schedule

10am — Livestream Sunday Service 
11am — Men & Women's Group with the Kirchers & Wallbaums
6pm — Men & Women's Group with the Meyers

4pm — Lunes Grupo por Hombres y Mujeres con Pastor Eduardo Dávila en Espanol (hora y día flexible dependiendo en interés y disponibilidad de participantes.)

7pm — Men and Women's Bilingual Group (English & Spanish) with the Dávilas
8:30pm—Men and Women's Group with the Solgos' & Yeagers

7am — Men’s Group with Daniel Miller
7pm — Women’s Group with Michelle Peterson & Abby Arnold
7pm — Student Group (6th-12th grade) with Pastor Trevor McMaken & Grace Kircher

7:30pm — Men & Women's Group with Cory Whitehead

7pm — Men and Women's Group with the Omansons & Hudsons

11:30am, Monday - Friday on Facebook live with City of Light Pastors and City Kids Shepherds. 

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How to Gather

If you’re already a part of a group at City of Light, your group leader will contact you with an invitation to a recurring Zoom video conference. If you would like to sign up to be a part of a group, please do so here. 

When the time comes for your group to begin, click the invitation link sent by your group leader. If you’ve never used Zoom before, here’s a quick video tutorial. You can access Zoom from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone device. If technology is a barrier to you joining a group, please let us know and it would be our joy to help you find a solution!


Have a question about our Online Groups? Please reach out to Grace Kircher (630) 881-4864 or

Join an online group now!